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39433735 PGR Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant 5 Gallon

Price: $159.65
Item Number: 39433735 PRG
Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand
OEM Part Number For Reference Only: 39433735 PGR
PGR compressor lubricants are 100% synthetic non-glycol Aftermarket fluids for polyglycols. The PGR series products have good biodegradability and are enviromentally neutral. They also exhibit much better oxidation and thermal stability,longer fluid life and mix perfect with polyglycols. The ability to mix with PAG's mean flushing of compressors is not necessary to change to our PGR products. This provides the added benifit of allowing topping off of compressors containing Polyglycol fluids until scheduled change intervals.
The PGR products also have excellent separation capabilities allowing the use of the industry standard float type oil /water condensate separators.